CFDA #'s and Contracts Edwin Bemmel 05 Jan 1998 13:23 EST

I am not an auditor, but I still wanted to give my interpretation. I can
not find anything in the OMB circulars that state that  Contracts are
exempted from CFDA #'s. As soon as we are dealing with Federal money
(Grants or Contracts), we are assigning a CFDA #. (required by our
auditors)   If you look at OMB 133,  a Federal award is defined as "Federal
Financial Assistance AND Federal Cost-reimbursement contracts." Based on
the definitions of CFDA number and Federal program in Subpart A,  paragraph
105, and Fedaral Financial Assistance, I believe that both Contracts and
Grants need to have CFDA #'s. Also look at  paragraph 310, which discusses
the  Schedule of Federal Expenditures.

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>>>For my Auditors,
>>>Can anyone direct me to a simple authoritative explanation/statement
>>>confirming that CONTRACTS do not have CFDA numbers?
>>>Thanks and Happy New Year!
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