Allowability of Costs For Diane Austin 02 Jan 1998 09:25 EST

I am looking for interpretations regarding the allowability of food as a
direct charge on a sponsored project for a regular project staff meeting.
It would seem that J.28 of A-21 would allow such a cost if it were a
regular staff meeting of project personnel for which the "primary purpose
is the dissemination of technical information". J.28 indicates that this
"includes costs of meals...and other items incidental to such meetings...".
Any opinions?

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$$HRComments by austind          Fri Jan 02, 1998 -- 08:25:29 AM
 We only allow snacks/refreshments under the following circumstances:
 1) if meetings are held before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m.
 2) if the meeting lasts more than 2 hours
 3) justification (how the meeting relates to the conduct of the project)
 for the expenditure must be documented in the file.

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