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Actually, you need to refer to A-110, C23(b) -- Subpart C, Section 23 -
Cost Sharing or Matching, Item (b) - which states,

"Unrecovered indirect costs may be included as part of cost sharing or
matching only with the prior approval of the Federal awarding agency."

So, unless the agency tells you specifically, or it is clearly
delineated/specified in the RFP, better get the prior approval so you
don't get burned at the end.

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On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Maxine Lippman wrote:

> If an agency allows a restricted indirect rate on a project (8%) can
> university cost share the difference between its stated instruction
> and the 8% or can one only cost share at the rate of 8% IDC.
Yes, we do it all the time.  The only exception is when the guidelines
state that unrecovered indirect costs cannot be used as matching.  We
encountered this restriction only on 1 USDA RFP in the 5 years I have
in this office.


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