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my email to raven...needing cover letter... -Reply Gerald McCulloh 17 Sep 1997 08:07 EST

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>>> Florence Ledwitz-Rigby <>
9/15/97, 11:59pm >>>
Hello there. Here's the most wonderful email that I had sent them and
in return sent to me...  I'm sorry for being cranky earlier but I was
rudely awoken by mom talking to miriam with a super whinny voice that
disturbed me greatly!  And to top it off she had returned a video
that I
was going to do, but failed to tell me that she had done so.  Thus I
found charging all over the house looking for it while she sat there
her dumb stupid ass on her bed asking me why I was franticly looking
something that wasn't even in the house anymore.  Needless to say I
very pissed off that she couldn't even have left a bloody note, let
tell me straight out that she had already returned the movie.
Then to top that part of the day off, I had to put up with the shit
bloodly fuckers at manpower.  So I say again sorry for my crankiness.

Anyways, here's the email...  I would like some help in composing the
letter, and I know I should've done this before and have had it sent
in by
now, but I've been too bloody busy for the past week.  I just hope
that its
not too late to send it in.
Okay after so rudely disconnecting me from the orginal part of this

Here's what we were working on and I go sleep now!


Brian Pelletier:

Thank you for responding to my orginal email.  I'm sorry for
responding so
late, I ran into some problems in the dubbing process of my Work In
Progress tape and decided to wait them out.

I  viewed your posting on the Vancouver Film School's Job Board.  I
graduated in May from the ten month intensive course in 3D computer
animation.  The main training was in character animation.  Our
training in
computer animation was on SGI (Alias/Wavefront Power Animator and A/W
Composer) and NeTpower Calistos (Softimage and PhotoShop).  I am
at level two in A/W Power Animator.  We also had some classical
training,  consisting mostly of inbetweening.  As well as drawing
where we learned the fundamentals of showing action.

My demo tapes include a five minute overview of my work at VFS (Demo
and a Work In Progress tape which consists of work that was still
worked on at the time of my graduation from VFS.  My final animation
"Hunting Season" is at the end of both tapes.

I am in the Midwest, and can be reached in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
(715)-831-9031.  I can also be reached by email at

I look forward to hearing from you,

Aaron Rigby
VFS Graduate, Class 3 -3D Computer Animation


talk to you most likely sometime in the morning, I've got to get some
now, and get to work by noon as well as pick up my WIP tapes.

and why do I feel that this email will never end... more problems are
always arising at this end of the workd.  Talk to you later.

Aaron, (sir grumpy of the midwestern town Eau Claire)

Florence Ledwitz-Rigby
1503 Edgewood Drive
Altoona Wisconsin 54720

(715) 831 9031