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Re: Reporting Multiple Year Awards Suzanne Huard 28 Aug 1997 06:02 EST

At the University of New Hampshire, we report as awards the amounts that we are
authorized to spend by our sponsors (i.e., the amount that we are putting in
the budget of the financial accounting system).  To use your example below, we
would report an award of $100,000 for each of the three years.  If the second
and third year awards/authorizations were to change, we would capture that
change.  We also report annual expenditures.

Suzanne Huard                         
Manager, Information Systems & Technology
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University of New Hampshire
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Our institution currently reports lump sum multiple year awards in
the first year (e.g., a three year proposal for $100,000 each year -
award document is received for a total of $300,000, beginning
07/01/97 and ending 06/30/00)

We are interested in finding out if other institutions are reporting
the full $300,000 in the first year since there will be no futher
award documents, or if the award is reported $100,000 per year for
each year of the budget period.


Sherry May, Program Specialist
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