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Re: Reporting Multiple Year Awards Barbara Latz 28 Aug 1997 09:25 EST

If we receive a multi-year award for 100,000/year we report each year of the
award even though we may receive only one notice of award.  If we receive an
award that pays 300,000 for 3 years we report the entire 300,000 as a 3-year
award in the first year.

Barbara Latz
Penn State College of Medicine

At 02:04 PM 8/27/97 MST, you wrote:
>Our institution currently reports lump sum multiple year awards in
>the first year (e.g., a three year proposal for $100,000 each year -
>award document is received for a total of $300,000, beginning
>07/01/97 and ending 06/30/00)
>We are interested in finding out if other institutions are reporting
>the full $300,000 in the first year since there will be no futher
>award documents, or if the award is reported $100,000 per year for
>each year of the budget period.
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