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Revision of the NSF Grant Proposal Guide LOU PELLEGRINO 19 Aug 1997 17:26 EST

Dear Colleagues:

This should be of interest to many of you...

Lou Pellegrino

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Date:          Tue, 19 Aug 1997 16:26:19 -0400
To:            Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject:       Revision of the Grant Proposal Guide

 Dear Colleagues:

 This letter is to notify you of important changes in NSF proposal
 preparation guidelines.  A revised version of the NSF Grant Proposal
 Guide (GPG)(NSF 98-2) and Proposal Forms Kit (NSF 98-3) is currently
 being printed.  They will replace the prior versions of the GPG (NSF
 95-27) and the Proposal Forms Kit (NSF 95-28).

 Among other things, this revision implements the new NSF merit review
 criteria that were approved by the National Science Board on March 28,
 1997, and disseminated in Important Notice 121, New Criteria for NSF
 Proposals, dated July 10, 1997.  Other sections of the GPG have been
 revised, as appropriate, for clarity as well as to make the Guide
 consistent with current NSF policies, practices and procedures.  A
 complete list of significant changes is included on pages iii and iv of
 the GPG.

 As stated in Important Notice 121, the new merit review criteria for
 reviewing proposals will be effective for proposals submitted on or
 after October 1, 1997.  For consistency with this requirement, this
 version of the GPG also will be effective October 1, 1997.

 The complete text of the revised GPG is now available electronically
 on NSF's home page at  The
 Proposal Forms Kit containing revised forms formatted in Microsoft
 Word for Windows 6.0. also is available on the NSF home page.
 Effective October 1, 1997, these electronic versions may be used in
 submission of proposals to NSF.  NSF strongly encourages use of the
 Web to access the new GPG.

 Paper copies of the revised GPG will be sent to NSF customer
 communities in late August.  Copies of the GPG also will be available
 from (note new mailing address to request NSF publications): the NSF
 Publications Clearinghouse, PO Box 218, Jessup, MD 20794-0218,
 telephone: 301-947-2722, e-mail:

 For your information, NSF now offers an electronic Custom News Service
 to keep you informed about grant opportunities.  To access this new
 e-mail alert service, go to and click on "Custom

 Please address any questions or comments about the GPG to the Division
 of Contracts, Policy & Oversight, Policy Office, on 703-306-1243 or by
 e-mail to

 Jean I. Feldman
 Head, Policy Office
 Division of Contracts, Policy & Oversight
 National Science Foundation
 Phone:    703-306-1243
 FAX:      703-306-0280

Louis Pellegrino, PhD
Office of Sponsored Programs
Purdue Research Foundation/Purdue University
(765) 494-6200