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Research Environment -Reply Mary Ann Jurgus 07 Aug 1997 10:06 EST

This is what we have started at this University also.  Any information that is
available out there would definitely be of great assistance.

Mary Ann Jurgus, Manager
Research Administrative Services
Loyola University @ Medical Center
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>>> Research Administration Discussion Group
<> 8/6/97  2:16 pm >>>
The University of Northern Colorado, a Doctoral I institution, is
considering a Task Force to examine the university environment and
how it could be made more supportive of research and scholarly
activities.  We hope that this group will look at the broader picture
as well as coming up with an appropriate action plan.  Focus will
likely be on development and support of the "teacher-scholar."

Many universities have dealt with the same problems for creating an
environment conducive to research - workload, personnel policies,
accounting methods, funds for students, internal support, release
time, etc.  Similarities among institutions are, in my opinion,
greater than the differences.

There was a recent posting from Mississippi about a document
regarding barriers to research.  I'd like to request any others that
have put together similar plans to let me know.  Of particular value
would be those documents that contain some focus on vision and
mission, before going on to specific problems and proposed solutions.

Please contact me on this listserve or at my email address below if
you can send me any of your documents.

Thanks in advance,

Chuck Howard