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Re: IRB Fees Barbara Latz 05 Aug 1997 08:15 EST

Penn State Univesity College of Medicine IRB has instituted  an IRB fee
effective July 1, 1995.  The fees are assessed on all projects that are
reviewed by the IRB with the following exceptions:
 IRB fee is waived for projects sponsored by any component of the
University and/or projects that have been appproved for indirect cost
sharing by the University with any domestic government agency, private
foundation, voluntary health agency, or other not-for-profit sponsor;
 IRB is waived for all sponsored projects that provide the University
with full indirect cost recovery.
 IRB is waived for porjects not funded.
 IRB will be reduced to ensure that it does not exceed 10% of the
Total Direct Costs of any sponsored project.

The IRB fee is excluded from the funding base used to calculate the indirect

The fee schedule is as follows:

New Submission          Full Committee          $1100
New Submission          Expedited               $500
Annual Review           Full Committee          $400
Annual Review           Expedited               $200
Amendment(Substantive)  Full Committee          $200
Amendment(Substantive)  Expedited               $100

At 09:06 AM 7/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Carolinas HealthCare System IRB is looking at instituting an IRB fee.
>Can you please help us determine the amount? I would appreciate it if
>those of you who are employed at medical centers would please respond to
>the following questions:
>1. Do you have an IRB fee?      ___yes          ____no
>        ___no, but we're looking at implementing one
>2. Please tell me the amount of your IRB fee.   _________
>Thank you.
>Elisabeth Bradley, DA
>Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation
>Charlotte, NC  28203
>(704) 355-7673