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SRA-Atlanta Ronning@xxxxxx 04 Aug 1997 18:47 EST

The SRA-Atlanta planning committee is in need of 65 individuals to
participate as room monitors during the conference.   The room
monitor's will facilitate the operational concerns of the individual
workshops and sessions.   Such operational concerns include starting
on time, coordinating additional seating space, assuring sufficient
handouts, etc.  Also, the room monitor will present the speaker with
an gratuitous gift.

If you are planning on attending the SRA National Meeting in Atlanta
this year please volunteer only a brief portion of your time as a room

Please volunteer or nominate by 13-August-1997 to:
(if you are already scheduled as a room monitor no need to reply)

Theresa Bailey, Florida A&M University
Phone:  850/599-3531 or  904/599-3531

Matt Ronning, Mississippi State University
Phone:  601/325-7404

Matthew Ronning
Sponsored Programs Administration
Mississippi State University
P.O. Box 6156
Mississippi State, MS 39762
601/325-3216 -- Phone
601/325-3803 -- Facsimile