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Re: Delivering Targeted Information to Local Research Kevin Crosby 01 Aug 1997 10:39 EST

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Dear Frustrated in Israel:

If you'd like every faculty member at your institution to have their
very own webpage, don't create a separate file for every person.
Instead create a database system that can create a webpage "on
the fly" each time it is queried by the user.  It's almost impossible
to keep hundreds of webpages updated, but a database system
tracking faculty interests and grant programs can do it pretty
Most of the current versions of database products have web
interfaces now, so pick one and find someone who can set up
the system.
As for delivering information only to those people who want it, you
could also set up a number of email lists on specific topics and
send grant announcements to the people subscribed to those


At 02:19 PM 7/31/97 +0300, wrote:
>Hello fellow frustrated research-data administrators:
>One of the most difficult multi-stage tasks I face is (1) effectively
>delivering (2) quality information to (3) ONLY those who need it,
>without bombarding other researchers with "bad" information.
>To solve some of these problems I am exploring the possibility
>building on our website a collection of personal researcher
>Through a username / pasword-controlled mechanism a
researcher would
>enter "her" page. The terms she entered on her user profile,
>determine the information she views.
>Information would include email messages, RFP's, and the like.
>Are there systems like this out there in Cyberland? If so, please
>the way. Thanks.
>Eric Zimmerman    Research Grants Coordinator
>The Research Authority at Bar-Ilan University
>           Ramat Gan 52900 ISRAEL
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