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Delivering Targeted Information to Local Research Community Eric Zimmerman 31 Jul 1997 06:19 EST

Hello fellow frustrated research-data administrators:

One of the most difficult multi-stage tasks I face is (1) effectively
delivering (2) quality information to (3) ONLY those who need it,
without bombarding other researchers with "bad" information.

To solve some of these problems I am exploring the possibility of
building on our website a collection of personal researcher information

Through a username / pasword-controlled mechanism a researcher would
enter "her" page. The terms she entered on her user profile, would
determine the information she views.

Information would include email messages, RFP's, and the like.

Are there systems like this out there in Cyberland? If so, please point
the way. Thanks.
Eric Zimmerman    Research Grants Coordinator
The Research Authority at Bar-Ilan University
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