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Cost transfers Richard Hamma 30 Jul 1997 18:30 EST

Greetings  -

Our institution is in the process of trying to find ways to limit the number
of cost transfers taking place in grant and contract accounts, mainly
payroll type expenses.

Has anyone out there had any success in an endeavor like this?

Is it a question of educating PIs and administrative personnel to better
monitor their accounts?

Is it a question of providing more resources to the departments so the
researchers can research instead of doing mounds of paperwork?

Can we just not process cost transfers after a certain time period even
though we may charge the funding agency with unallowable expenditures?

The manual labor generated by a multitude of cost transfers is getting out
of hand but we generally process cost transfers that are properly justified
and authorized.

A huge thank you to all for any help you can provide and for all the good
discussions on this list over the past year.
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