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Follow up on CCR Applications Nancy Peterson 30 Jul 1997 11:08 EST

Thanks to everyone that responded to my Central Contractor Registration
Application.  You might be interested in what I pulled off the Web site  It looks like there may be a simpler way to
comply with the new regs.  And the deadline date has been moved back to
give us plenty of breathing room!

TO: Valued Trading Partner
FROM: Electronic Commerce Information Center
Phone: 800-334-3414
Fax: 703-696-0213

A new streamlined 2-page Central Contractor Registration (CCR) application
is currently available to improve the registration process and reduce the
administrative burden for contractors. This information also meets the
minimum mandated requirement for registration which has been moved to not
earlier than 31 March 1998. The 6-page application will still be required
for DOD trading partners who are interested in being fully Electronic Data
Interchange EDI capable with DOD.

The www on-line registration will not reflect the streamlined 2-page
application until approximately 20 August 1997.


Nancy Kay Peterson
Director of Grants
Somsen Hall 202-C
Winona State University
Winona, MN  55987
Phone:  507/457-5519
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