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Electronic Commerce Information Center Nancy Peterson 29 Jul 1997 09:17 EST

Are any of you familiar with the Electronic Commerce Information Center and
the Central Contractor Registration Application process?  For some reason a
copy of the application form was received by our Business Office and they
weren't sure what it was about, so they came to me.  I tired to follow up
on it and called a toll-free number.  One person at the Department of
Defense said any institution receiving grants of any kind have to file an
application by March 31, 1998, and gave me another number to call for more
information. Someone else there told me you needed to register only if you
did business with the Department of Defense, but only if that involved
contracts, not grants.  They said I'd have to check with other federal
agencies individually to see if they required registration.  Can anyone
enlighten me?


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