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I have been asked by Central State University of Ohio to =

post this Position Description for the position of =

Director of Sponsored Project Administration.

Central State University has gone through many recent =

changes in order to strengthen it's academic programs =

and it's administrative services.  A major step in this =

strategic plan is to attract the most qualified person =

for directing the Office of Sponsored Project =

Administration.  This position offers the right person a =

unique opportunity to help build a University resource =

that is helpful, adds value and is service oriented.  =

The University is located in Wilberforce, Ohio, four =

miles from Xenia and 18 miles east of Dayton. Columbus =

and Cincinnati are approximately one hour away.

Please send cover letter and resume to: Mrs.  Frances =

Central State University
1400 Brush Row Rd.
Wilberforce  OH  45384

If there are any questions concerning the position or =

the University please call

me at 312-240-3429 or I can be reached at the University =

at 937-376-6632.

Charlie Tardivo
KPMG, Manager
Grants Management Services




Basic Function and Responsibility
=95 Responsible for  pre and post award functions.   =

=95 The Director will have the direct review and approval =

responsibility for applications, awards and =

institutional grants.  =

=95 Will direct the Grants Office staff in the review and =

approval of applications

to ensure the highest level of quality and will =

supervise all post- award activities to ensure accuracy, =

timeliness, and compliance with sponsoring agency

and University policies.   =

=95 Will disseminate funding information to faculty.   =

=95 Will develop a system of matching investigators with =

funding opportunities and

will assist in preparing applications to such agencies.

Characteristic Duties
=95 Develop and coordinate all activities appropriate to =

the successful pursuit of

research grants and fellowships with responsibility for =

completeness, accuracy and timeliness.  =

=95 Responsible for identifying new funding sources and =

providing that information

to the faculty, along with the electronic and paper =

dissemination of grants information.  =

=95 Will  have supervisory responsibility of the Grants =

Office staff.     =

=95 Understand and interpret federal and non-federal =

agency regulations, such as the FARs, Fed Regulations =

A-110, A-133, A-21/A-122, PHS, NSF and Dept. Of Educ. =

policies.   Must be familiar with sub contract =

agreements, vendor agreements, material transfer =

agreements and the monitoring of sub recipients.   =

=95 Develop and communicate research administration =

policies, procedures and guidelines, ensuring that the =

University is in compliance with federal and non- =

federal funding agency's regulations. =

=95 Coordinate (with the grants staff) the development and =

presentation of information workshops or panel sessions, =

at the University, on proposal writing and the latest =

changes in grant applications with major funding =

agencies.  =

Provide information and guidance, for grant and =

fellowship applications, =

proposal development, budget preparation and proposal =

submission that will ensure that submitted proposals =

meet the highest levels of quality.
=95 Responsible for distributions, transfers and changes =

for all salaries charged to grant accounts and for the =

monitoring and reconciliation of time and effort =

reports.  Will monitor and review  rates of expenditures =

by grant.  =

Responsible of the timely and accurate submission of =

final reports, i.e. FSRs,

Invention reports, quarterly federal cash transaction =

report for HHS, Dept. of Educ., NASA and NSF .

Must possess effective oral and written communication =

skills and have demonstrated an ability to work =

effectively and professionally with faculty and =

Must be service oriented, team-player, creative and have =

the ability to develop solutions to award-specific =

issues that arise.
Education:  Undergraduate Degree required., advanced =

degree or the equivalent of

education and experience preferred.
Experience:  Five to seven years of research grants =

administration experience in

a non-profit research environment required.  Three years =

of project management and supervisory experience =

preferred. =

Working knowledge of the NIH, NASA, NSF and Dept. of =

Educ.  grant application process is essential.
Computer literacy for desk top computer and knowledge of =

existing information databases that will benefit =

sponsored research is essential.  The candidate should =

have the ability to search the internet for funding and =

resource information.   =




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