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Re: Salaries and Funding Source -Reply James C. Garcia 24 Jul 1997 12:26 EST

Maybe the Feds wouldn't mind if you charged them $10/hour and charged
yourselves $15/hour :-)
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Under CAS the keyword is consistency.
The way the feds would look at it is that we are charging more for
people who are federally funded than for people who are not.  Their
question would be, if someone will work for $10/hour for the institution,
why should they be paying someone in the same position, same
institution, same work $15/hour.  They are being charged a higher rate
for the same thing.
Bottom line:  We cannot charge the feds (or other sponsors) one rate
while we charge ourselves another... it hurts their feelings and makes
them feel like they are getting the yucky end of the stick... and we don't
want that, now do we?

>>> Research Administration Discussion Group
<> 07/22/97 09:58am >>>
I would be interested in knowing if any university research programs
have developed a federally approved salary plan that pays different
scales for the same job based on funding source.  That is, is anyone
paying less to staff/faculty solely on the basis of not being extramurally
funded?  Your input will be very much appreciated.

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