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SBIR and STTR AND Faculty Owned/Controlled Companies WILLIAM W. REEVES 23 Jul 1997 07:43 EST

Colleagues -

I am begining to wonder if I am the only person that worries about faculty
owned/controlled companies and their participation in SBIR and STTR programs,
which include the employing university as the academic partner.

As I recall the early days of the SBIR program, federal agencies were at the
very least cautious about the relationships and conflicts that could be
created and most institutions frowned on and/or prohibited the practice.  As
our world has evolved, federal sponsors have been encouraging of the notion of
faculty establishing companies and competing for SBIR/STTR funds.

My query to the group is, what are your institutional policies/positions on
this general issue and what has been your experience in instances where
faculty establish companies and seek SBIR/STTR funding?

If this is a non-issue and I am just being too fussy, my apologies.  Your
comments directly to me or through the list will be appreciated and if there is
response worthy of a summary report, I'll post same.

Bill Reeves

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