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Re: F&A Rate Changes Naegel, Gary P. 23 Jul 1997 07:43 EST

Exact language in the actual renegotiated Facility and Administrative cost
agreement would address these questions regarding "grandfathering of
existing rates".   Additionally, you should contact the
officer(s)/individual(s) from your institution who actually represented the
Medical College of Ohio during this process to obtain their full
understanding of these issues.    These are good questions which typically
arise during every renegotiation.

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From: Research Administration Discussion Group
To: Multiple recipients of list RESADM-L
Subject: F&A Rate Changes
Date: Tuesday, July 22, 1997 5:27PM

 We have recently negotiated a new Facilities and Administrative Costs
 rate with DHHS and are not clear on the application of the new rates
 for each year.  A-21 Section G.7. addresses 'Fixed rates for the life
 of the sponsored agreement' and seems to imply that the rate in effect
 at the beginning of a competitve segment stays in effect for that segment.
 We have, however, received other interpretations of this section
 for predetermined rates.

Given the following example of negotiated PREDETERMINED rates (our fiscal
 year runs from July through June):

 7/1/96 - 6/30/97        50%
 7/1/97 - 6/30/99        45%
 7/1/99 - 6/30/00        44%

What would be the yearly rates for the following scenarios?

 1)  Competitive Award beginning 7/1/96 through 6/30/00
 2)  Competitive Award beginning 7/1/97 through 6/30/00
 3)  Competitive Award beginning 7/1/97 through 6/30/01
 4)  Competitive Award beginning 1/1/98 through 12/31/00
 5)  Competitive Award beginning 1/1/99 through 12/31/02

Has anyone had experience with this?  Will the rate change every year? Does
 change with every budget period or the beginning of each institutional
 What happens to grants that end after the last date of the negotiated

We would appreciate your responses through the list or directly.

Nancy J. Borders, M.B.A.
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