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Re: Fulbright Scholarships Eric C Lewandowski (23 Jul 1997 07:45 EST)

Re: Fulbright Scholarships Eric C Lewandowski 23 Jul 1997 07:45 EST


 At Youngstown State as at other institutions I'm familiar with, the
 Fulbright program has been regarded as an individual award program
 facilitated by university offices (typically, International Studies)
 but not administered on campus.  For example, faculty can count on
 receiving regular information about program activities, and may even
 request assistance with forms completion (not a routine service), but
 any fellowship award will accrue directly to them (along with any
 liability, of course).

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On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Research Administration Discussion Group wrote:

>   The Fulbright Scholarship program appears to fund faculty and professionals
>   directly, rather than going through their institution.  We would like to
>   how other institutions handle this.  do you reduce the faculty member's
>   salary during the time of the award?  Is there a way that we can require
>   the funds be funneled through the institution?  What, if any, policies have
>   other institutions set up for this type of award?
>   Thanks for your responses.
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