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Service and Non-Academic Training grant income Brian Rigby 23 Jul 1997 15:13 EST

One of our senior administrators wants to try and estimate potential
income from several non-academic sponsored programs.  The programs
are of the type that provide service to City and State agencies, or in
some cases, training programs in business and law topics for clients of
agencies such as USAID.

The programs are only similar in that they are not strongly linked to
academic departments and usually do not provide research training for
our students, and in some cases are mainly run by non-academic staff.

I am looking for data that indicates the number of dollars received,
indirect cost reimbursement (avg %) for service and non-academic
training programs, vs total sponsored program income at your
universities.  It would probably help to know the number of Ph.D.
programs at your school as well.

If there are any good Web resources to research this, I would appreciate
a lead.

Thanks, and I'll share the data (tell me if you want your school to be
anonymous) with all contributors.

Send info to:
or fax to;  773-325-7389


Brian Rigby
Director, OSPR
DePaul University
Chicago, IL

(773) 325-2595