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Re[2]: Barrier Survey Rodriguez, Randy 10 Jul 1997 18:39 EST

 Please send copies of both questionaires to:

 Randy Rodriguez, Sponsored Research
 City of Hope National Medical Center
 1500 E. Duarte Road
 Duarte, CA 91010-3000

 or FAX (626)301-8843


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Subject: Re: Barrier Survey
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
Date:    7/8/97 5:31 PM

We have just completed two surveys designed to assess the research
environment at The University of Southern Mississippi.  The first was
conducted under the auspices of the Mississippi Research Consortium as an
EPSCOR project designed to look at changes in faculty perceptions of the
research environment at USM, University of Mississippi, Jackson State, and
Mississippi State.  The second was conducted at USM by an ad hoc joint
committee of the Faculty Senate and the University Research Council.

We would be pleased to share copies of either or both of these
questionnaires with the community.  Just drop us a note.

Lauriston King, Director
Research and Sponsored Programs
Box 5157
The University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Phone: (601)266-4119
Fax: (601) 266-4312

At 02:15 PM 7/2/97 -0600, you wrote:
>We are planning to conduct a survey of faculty and other researchers at
>our institution to identify what barriers they believe exist to performing
>research on our campus, including those encountered during the process
>of obtaining funding.  Has anyone out there performed such a survey,
>and if so, what were your experiences?
>Sally Eckert-Tilotta, Asistant Director
>Office of Research and Program Development
>University of North Dakota
>Grand Forks, ND