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Re: Barrier Survey Andrew J. Grant (03 Jul 1997 20:14 EST)
(Previous discussion continued)
Re: Barrier Survey

Re: Barrier Survey Andrew J. Grant 03 Jul 1997 20:14 EST

I didn't do a survey, but did form an advisory committee some time ago when
I was with another institution.  It was one of the most productive things I
did there.  Heard a lot of legitimate suggestions.  One result was that I
got a small budget to send faculty to meetings with program officers
without the bother of submitting travel requests.  Used it judiciously --
only when we felt it would make the difference between getting and not
getting the grant.  Each person who took advantage of it eventually got
funded.  Also had extensive discussions eventually  leading to the sharing
of indirect cost recoveries.

My suggestion is not to do a survey, which may raise unrealistic
expectations.  A small, representative committee, from my experience, seems
a better way to start.

Be happy to talk about it if you want to give me a call.

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