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Yes.  NIH now sends only one Notice of Grant Award also, but they
generally send it here.  Then we send it to the PI.

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 This is directed at those of you who have awards from ED for
 for International Business Education & Research.  It may also pertain
 to any ED award, that's sort of what I'm trying to find out.

 Our CIBER director received two copies of their last award
 modification from the program officer at ED, along with a memo stating
 "Please forward one copy to your office of sponsored project or
 and contracts office.  It is essential that they obtain one copy from
 you.  The Department will no longer mail anything to your grant

 Has anyone else seen similar memos?
 Is anyone else outraged by this?  We have a hard enough time getting
 our PI's to route requests for carry-over and no-cost extensions
 through our office for an institutional counter-signature.  This will
 only reinforce their natural tendency to do things without university

 Has anyone mounted a protest with ED about this change?

 Susan Alberts

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