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Re: list-serv commands Michael Odza 25 Jun 1997 10:42 EST

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My apologies to the group, but would someone please take a moment to
post the set of commands for this list? I specifically want to stop the
messages while I'm on vacation, and the commands that normally work for
majordomo lists produce no response. Thanks! (An alternative is for the
list manager to add a reference line to the bottom of all messages, if
that's feasible.)
Best Regards,


Michael Odza
Celebrating ten years of assisting
tech transfer professionals via
Technology Access Report and
Intellectual Property Advice (for researchers)
8 Digital Dr., Suite 250
Novato, CA 94949
800/733-1516 (415/883-7600)
FAX 415/883-6421

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org:            Technology Access
adr:            8 Digital Dr., Ste. 250;;;Novato;CA;94949-5759;USA
title:          Publisher
tel;work:       415-883-7600 (800/733-1516)
tel;fax:        415-883-6421
note:           Intellectual Property Advice, for researchers and small ventures
Technology Access Report, for tech transfer professionals
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