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Overload Pay for 12 Month Administrators Phillip Myers 20 Jun 1997 21:06 EST

Subject: Overload Pay for 12 Month Administrators
From:    Phillip Myers
Date:    6/20/97  8:04 PM

 We are revising policy on overload pay for 12 month administrators in the
 academic colleges and central offices (deans, assistant and associate
 deans, directors, coordinators) whose overload pay, in addition to their
 regular salaries, would be funded by grants for which they have
 particular expertise.  We are interested in reviewing policies and
 procedures of other institutions in this regard.

 I will be happy to share results.

 Please respond on the listserv or to:

 Phil Myers
 Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
 105 Foundation Building
 Western Kentucky University
 Bowling Green, KY  42101-3576

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