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funds for editors choward@xxxxxx 20 Jun 1997 17:38 EST

I've had a slightly different request from a faculty member and am
hoping somewhere out there has ideas about possible support sources.

The faculty member has been asked to become the editor of his
professional journal, but they are only giving him $1500 for mailing,
telephone, clerical work, etc. There will be no support for salary or
release time.  He has been the associate editor and knows it will
take him at least 12 hrs/week of work - or more.  The areas covered
by the journal include sports activities and sports behaviors
(exercise, etc.).

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go looking for support
for what is essentially an ongoing operations functions?  The faculty
member thinks he can do it with just a few thousand dollars for
clerical support, but I'd like to see more for travel to meetings,
etc.  Right now, he is hesitating taking the position until he gets
some ideas about further support.  And yes, he's already talked to
the department chair and the dean.

Chuck Howard