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Re: Survey of Grant Proposal Reviewers' Anonymous Assessments Dave Bowen 16 Jun 1997 09:24 EST

Re: Survey of Grant Proposal Reviewers' Anonymous Assessments Dave Bowen 16 Jun 1997 09:24 EST

Dear Surveyor:

At our university, the faculty receive the reviewers comments directly.
The information that is sent to the Office of Sponsored Programs does not
include the reviewers' comments.  Therefore, I can not provide the
information you are seeking.

David Bowen


David Bowen, Asst. Director
Research & Proposal Development
Office of Sponsored Programs
Boston University
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phone:  (617) 353-4365 (office); (617) 353-4059 (direct)
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>Dear Colleague:
>        We are contacting you and other grant development and research
>administration professionals in order to request your inputs for a grant
>proposal development book we are preparing under contract with Sage
>Publications.  One of the book's discussion points is that, in general, more
>competitive proposals receive reviewers' comments which are quite different
>from those received by less competitive proposals.  Although this point is
>obvious, the specifics are not.  You have the specifics.  (For example,
>former National Science Foundation Program Director Ms. Lola Rogers includes
>in her grant workshops sample "positive" and "negative" reviewers' comments
>such as "the discussion reflects familiarity with appropriate literature for
>the project," and "the proposal lacks focus," respectively.)
> Our request for you:  in the space below, please quote 1-3 positive and 1-3
>negative comments made or received by you or your colleagues as elements of
>anonymous  proposal reviews.  [Please send your response (within the next
>week or so, if possible), along with any questions or comments, to the above
>e-mail address; or you may contact either of us by telephone at
>912-681-4088.  Also, we would appreciate your forwarding this electronic
>request to colleagues who might have examples to add.  Thank you very much
>for your participation.]
>SAMPLE "Positive" and "Negative" comments from grant proposal reviewers.
>For Each Reviewer's Comment, Please Identify the Program, Office, Agency, or
>Organization to which the proposal had been submitted and use one or more of
>the following initials to indicate the type of award being sought:
>Research (R)/Service (S)/Instruction (I)/Institutional Support (I/S)/Other
>"Positive"      (1)
> (2)
> (3)
>"Negative"      (1)
> (2)
> (3)
>[What is your position or role in your Agency/Organization/Program? (If you
>would like a copy of this survey's results or would like to be acknowledged
>personally in our book, please give your name as well.)]: