Survey of Grant Proposal Reviewers' Anonymous Assessments Howard Kaplan 14 Jun 1997 15:15 EST

Dear Colleague:

 We are contacting you and other grant development and research
administration professionals in order to request your inputs for a grant
proposal development book we are preparing under contract with Sage
Publications.  One of the book's discussion points is that, in general, more
competitive proposals receive reviewers' comments which are quite different
from those received by less competitive proposals.  Although this point is
obvious, the specifics are not.  You have the specifics.  (For example,
former National Science Foundation Program Director Ms. Lola Rogers includes
in her grant workshops sample "positive" and "negative" reviewers' comments
such as "the discussion reflects familiarity with appropriate literature for
the project," and "the proposal lacks focus," respectively.)
 Our request for you:  in the space below, please quote 1-3 positive and 1-3
negative comments made or received by you or your colleagues as elements of
anonymous  proposal reviews.  [Please send your response (within the next
week or so, if possible), along with any questions or comments, to the above
e-mail address; or you may contact either of us by telephone at
912-681-4088.  Also, we would appreciate your forwarding this electronic
request to colleagues who might have examples to add.  Thank you very much
for your participation.]

SAMPLE "Positive" and "Negative" comments from grant proposal reviewers.
For Each Reviewer's Comment, Please Identify the Program, Office, Agency, or
Organization to which the proposal had been submitted and use one or more of
the following initials to indicate the type of award being sought:

Research (R)/Service (S)/Instruction (I)/Institutional Support (I/S)/Other

"Positive"      (1)

"Negative"      (1)

[What is your position or role in your Agency/Organization/Program? (If you
would like a copy of this survey's results or would like to be acknowledged
personally in our book, please give your name as well.)]: