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Re[2]: Streamlining the Routing Process Marsha Green 30 May 1997 18:57 EST

 How do you track the information about your proposals submitted?  Do
 they just send you a copy for your records?  Do you require that a
 person with institutional signature power sign the proposal?  What
 makes them legal and under university jurisdiction if not?

 Marsha Green

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Subject: Re: Streamlining the Routing Process
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
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Date:    5/30/97 2:53 PM

** High Priority **

We at Old Dominion redesigned our routing process to eliminate the
signature of the VP for Research on Standard Proposals.  Standard being
those with "no strings' attached, no reduction in IDC requested, etc.
Standard proposals require only the signatures of PIs, Chairs, and Deans,
which are usually easier and quicker to obtain than the VP's.

Maxine Lippman
Director of Preaward Services and
  Contracting Officer
Old Dominion University Research
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