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Clinical Study IDC Rates Thomas J. Roberts 14 May 1997 13:53 EST

Dear Colleagues-

I received 21 responses to my earlier posted question in regard to
Clinical Study IDC rates.  The results are as follows:

Univ. of Florida-  25% TDC
Univ. of Connecticut-  20% TDC
Univ. of Texas HSC @ San Antonio- 20% TDC (Departments may add 5%)
Ben-Gurion Univ.- 15% TDC
Univ. of California San Fran- 29.1% MTDC and 26% MTDC off-campus
Univ. of Washington-  25% TDC
Northwestern Univ.-  35% TDC
Univ. of Chicago-  20% TDC
Henry Ford Health System- 22% TDC
Medical College of Ohio-  25% TDC
Univ. of Michigan-  15% TDC (using FDA definition of an IND or
Baylor CoM-  26% TDC
Univ. of Texas Med Branch at Galveston-  25% TDC
Univ of Tennessee @ Memphis-  20% TDC
Indiana Univ.-  25% TDC
Children's Hospital Boston-  25% MTDC
Loyola Univ. (Illinois)-  26% TDC
Mt. Sinai (New York City)-  35% TDC and 25% TDC off-campus
University of Kentucky-  26% TDC
Creighton Univ.-  20% TDC
LSU Medical Center (New Orleans)-  25% TDC

The average of the aforementioned responses is 24 %.  Thanks to those
who took the time to respond.

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