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Grant Managers: Equity in workload -Reply Charna Howson 29 Oct 1996 06:01 EST


At The University of North Carolina at Greensboro we uses data bases
more than spreadsheets, although the two by-and-large perform similar
functions.  Our data bases track external proposals, internal grant
program awards, IRB applications, fastlane pins, library holdings,
materials ordered for specific faculty, etc.  We used to maintain faculty
research interest profiles this way as well, but recently moved that data to
the Community of Science server.

We are using Visual Dbase which operates in DOS, Windows 3.1 or
Windows 95 and have users accessing it from each of these platforms
depending on their personal preference.

We occasionally use spreadsheets to crunch numbers.

Best wishes

Charna K. Howson
Assistant Director
Office of Research Services
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
fax: 910/334-3140