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Re: Grant Databases Mary Husemoller 28 Oct 1996 14:56 EST


 You might try checking with Ann Powell in the Research Administration
 office right there at UNM.  She has been involved in keeping track of
 that type of information at UNM for a long time and has alot of
 research administration experience.

 Mary Husemoller
 Director, OSPA
 University of NV, Reno

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Subject: Grant Databases
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
<> at smtplink-unscs
Date:    10/22/96 3:09 PM


I've somewhat sheepish in posting this request but the time has come.  We
here at the Cancer Center are attempting to develop a grant/contract
tracking system or database.  We regrettably do not yet have such an animal.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or pointers members if this list
might be willing to share.

Along with the obvious fields (PI name, source, dollars, years) we are
looking to include fields in the database to include what the Cancer Center
is obligated to support, resources committed and any unfunded mandates
included any grant application.

Small task!

Again, thanks to the members of the list for any directions you can supply.

Lou Lafrado
Louis J. Lafrado, Ph.D.
Research Administrator
University of New Mexico Cancer Center
900 Camino de Salud, NE    Albuquerque, New Mexico  87131
(505)  277-0177/voice    277-2841/fax  (email)
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