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Subcontract Indirect Cost Rate john case 26 Oct 1996 16:44 EST

We at the Desert Research Institute (part of the Univ. &
Community College System of Nevada) are considering
changing our current subcontracting overhead rate policy.
Currently we charge 15% up to the Federal max as
prescribed by A-21.  This is a lower rate than our
negotiated Federal o/h rate.  This was established years
ago by our VPF&A.

I would like as much input as possible on the method or
percent (%) other universities/colleges/research
non-profits are using for charging overhead to subcontracts
(where we are the prime).  I would like as many responses as
possible in order to summarize what practices (or
percents) are used across the country.  If you are using
your full overhead rate up to $25K as prescribed in
A-21, let me know that too.

If anyone is interested in the results, let me know and
I'll send the summary to you.

Thank you in advance for you input.  I need this
information by the end of the week.

John Case
Assistant Vice Pres. & Controller
Desert Research Institute, Reno Nevada
(702) 673-7396