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Re: Human Subjects & Foreign Subcontract Mary Husemoller 16 Oct 1996 18:56 EST

 The person on my staff who handles human subjects is Susan Ford and
 she does "mini-workshops" for departments and makes presentations to
 classes.  Her telephone number is 702-784-4040.  She handles the
 social/behavioral and biomedical human subjects committees.  The
 biomedical committee deals with the protocols from the med school.

 Mary Husemoller
 Director, OSPA
 University of NV, Reno

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Subject: Human Subjects & Foreign Subcontract
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
<> at smtplink-unscs
Date:    10/16/96 2:54 PM

>Has anyone out there put on a mini-workshop on their campus to bring about
>an awareness of the "Protection of Human Subjects" (title 45-Part 46)....
>Has anyone out there written a subcontract to a foreign university under an
>NSF grant?
>If so please e-mail me your e-mail address or phone number....I have a few
>questions with respect to both of these topics...
>Thanks in Advance
Anita Quinn
Director of Research Services
Michigan Technological University
phone 906-487-2225
fax   906-487-2245