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Re: Research Administration Glossary Pamela Webb 14 Oct 1996 17:40 EST


I think what Erin Lindsay is looking for are copies of various people's
glossaries of terms and definitions commonly used in research administration
(e.g., short definitions of terms like "award" or "fixed-price contract" or
"FAR"), et. al. The University of California Contract and Grant memos
referenced in your URL are a wealth of information on various aspects of
contract and grant administration and are very valuable (and I would
encourage others to check them out - they have a nice search engine on them
too), but I don't think that is what Erin is looking for in this case.
-- Pamela

>From Bill Sellers:

>Your own Office of the President Research Administration Office has developed
>such a list.  It can be found at:
>  (I should know--I put that
>list on the Web before I moved from there to Ohio!)

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