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Terminally ill NIH P.I. Doug Wilkerson, Ph.D. 14 Oct 1996 13:51 EST

We have an NIH P.I. who is terminally ill and will soon be unable to direct
the research in his lab.  He has a research asst. prof. working for him and
currently helping to direct the day-to-day operation of his lab and graduate
students.  We would like to retain the grant in order
to allow the research assistant professor and the P.I.'s current graduate
students to finish the work supported by the grant. The grant only runs
approximately 8 more months, but it appears to have sufficient funds to
support a no-cost extension in order to complete the work.  When are we
obligated to notify NIH of the P.I.'s situation?  Whom do we notify - program
or grants management?  How do we go about proposing the research assistant
professor as a replacement P.I.?  Can all of the above be handled in a
single letter?

I would like to hear from anyone who has experience in this very unpleasant

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