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Re: Supplemental Pay Ralph M. Metzger, III 11 Oct 1996 16:27 EST

 We are liberalizing our thinking to allow faculty to recover market
rates for their effort on industrial projects, plus release time
compensation for the department.  Supplemental comp. on federally funded
projects must meet several tests before it is permitted, and we are not
changing anything in that domain.
 Ralph Metzger, Director
 Office for Industrial R&D
 The Ohio State University Research Foundation

At 03:10 AM 10/7/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Two or three weeks ago, someone posted a question regarding
>supplemental salary payments to faculty during the academic year.  I
>recall seeing just one response, but I was hoping to hear a bit more.
>Is anyone willing to offer their thoughts, advice or policy on when
>such payments are permitted?  What "test" do you apply when determing
>whether to allow supplemental pay on federal (or federal flow though)
>Does anyone link salary supplementation to their policy on faculty
>consulting?   To those institutions that permit AY supplementation:  Do
>you permit salary recovery at a rate in excess of the faculty member's
>normal rate of pay?
>Our Director has worked at three different universities and has seen
>three very different policies in place.  We would appreciate a
>discussion of this topic.
>Victor Ramos
>Assistant Director
>Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
>St. John's University, New York
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