Establishing a process for waving IDC on applications for Barbara Pifel 08 Oct 1996 13:12 EST

 seed money funding

We are attempting to establish a process for either waiving or deferring
the IDC when faculty is applying for seed money. We are attempting to
develop a result-orientated strategy for assisting them to obtain extra
mural funding.  Some of the guidelines may include a request form signed
by the chair and the dean, a dollar limitation, an agreement that if the
seed money funding resulted in the sponsor funding a future project that
the IDC funds would be recovered at that time and that it would be done
on a one-time, per sponsor, per faculty basis. Whatever is ultimately
decided, we would apply that process across the board.  Does anyone
have any thoughts on some guidelines?  Does anyone have a process
formal or informal in place?  Thank you very much for your feedback.  I
appreciate your assistance very much.  You can contact me directly on
telephone number (407) 823-3967 or by e-mail