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Re: Airborne Express Mail Marianne Woods 07 Oct 1996 10:34 EST

We've had excellent service from Airborne Express. We have not requested
pick-up at the office unless we've had alot of proposals going out or the
size of the proposal has been too big for us to handle. Normally we take
the proposal to a drop-off box located on campus.

On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Research Administration Discussion Group wrote:

> The Sponsored programs Division within the Office of Research
> Services at SUNY Stony Brook is looking into switching express mail
> carriers.  We currently use Federal Express.  Our campus is offering
> us the services of Airbone Express Mail at a cheaper rate.  If you
> have ever used this carrier for overnight delivery, please take a
> moment and respond to some brief questions/concerns we have.  We are
> under "deadline" in making our decision.  So, if you could give us your
> insight before the end of the week, it would be greatly appreciated.
> 1)  What experience (good or bad) have you had with this carrier?
> 2) Have you experienced any problems with timely delivery of
> proposals, contracts, or other time sensitive materials?
> 3)  Do you have a regular scheduled pick up in your office?  If yes,
> is the pick up made at the correct time?
> Please respond directly to:
> Thank you for your time and help.
> Sincerely,
> Esther McCauley

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