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Airborne Express Mail KRISTINA CLENAGHAN 02 Oct 1996 08:43 EST

The Sponsored programs Division within the Office of Research
Services at SUNY Stony Brook is looking into switching express mail
carriers.  We currently use Federal Express.  Our campus is offering
us the services of Airbone Express Mail at a cheaper rate.  If you
have ever used this carrier for overnight delivery, please take a
moment and respond to some brief questions/concerns we have.  We are
under "deadline" in making our decision.  So, if you could give us your
insight before the end of the week, it would be greatly appreciated.

1)  What experience (good or bad) have you had with this carrier?

2) Have you experienced any problems with timely delivery of
proposals, contracts, or other time sensitive materials?

3)  Do you have a regular scheduled pick up in your office?  If yes,
is the pick up made at the correct time?

Please respond directly to:

Thank you for your time and help.

Esther McCauley