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Re: mailed survey incentives Mary Watson 23 Sep 1996 12:17 EST

I have heard of one or two idiomatic things a but $2 bills (or was that $3
 dollar bills?)  I get confused - too technical!

Seriously, I have, only once, received such a survey and it contained not a $2
 but a $1 bill.  I was a bit taken aback when I received it, but being a
 graduate student at the time I pocketed the dollar, did the survey and I think
 I even mailed it back!


>I object to you specifying "serious responses only, please" in your question
>regarding superstitions and $2 bills.  We haven't had a good laugh since
>Kevin!  I think all queries should be up for grabs for serious as well as
>light hearted responses!
>By the way, I never heard of any superstitions regarding $2 bills.
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