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Re: Opinions on Available Sponsored Prog Lisa Richman 04 Sep 1996 18:29 EST

You are right, Janet, there was need for improvement.

So, RAMS did just that.

In response to our customers, we have entirely re-vamped our technical
support, replacing the old system with support teams and system trainers.
 These people not only assist customers but also work with them on a
continued basis to make sure that they are using the system to its fullest
advantage (complete ERA).

Also, if you are interested, even just for curiousity sake, in looking at
our NextERA SQL Server Edition, please do let me know.

I will not swear that you will change the way you do your business
immediately, but I do think that it will affect your impression of our

Thanks for the opportunity to respond,

Lisa F. Richman
Director, Research Administration Services

From: rgs_jmb
To: Multiple recipients of list RES
Subject: Re: Opinions on Available Sponsored Pro
Date: Wednesday, September 04, 1996 5:41PM

Research Administration Discussion Group wrote:

> I am interested in receiving the opinions of those who have used or
> looked into the various software packages available.  In particular,
> RAMS from FIE and their new NextERA system.  Also, the package that is
> available from InfoEd and any others that might be out there.
> What has been your experience with them and would you recommend any of
> them.  How have you integrated them into your University's accounting
> system package?
We had the old RAMS software (DOS version) and found it very difficult
to work with for proposal preparation.  I found their technical
support lacking.

We now have the SPIN package from Infoed and have been satisfied with
the results.  I think they have some exciting things coming
up and their technical support is excellent.

Janet Blalock
Sam Houston State University
Research and Sponsored Programs

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