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Reminder - Vacations EAM01@xxxxxx 27 Mar 1996 11:16 EST

Just a reminder, if you are going on vacation or plan to be out
of your office for an extended period of time, PLEASE set your
mail option to NOMAIL by sending the following command to

set resadm-l nomail

This will stop delivery of your mail until you send the command

set resadm-l mail  upon your return.

This is particularly important if you have one of those auto-reply
features in your email, because every message you receive from RESADM-L
will result in RESADM-L getting back (and distributing to 900 of us)
a note that you are on vacation.

I have bumped the two recent offenders from the list ...  Thanks  :-)

* Elizabeth (Liz) Mazzella            xxxxxx@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US*
* Director, Technology Transfer & Contract Programs           *
* Health Research, Inc. (A Non-Profit Corp.) Albany NY 12209  *
* Voice: (518) 431-1200                    Fax: (518)431-1234 *