Cost Sharing Policies Jill Mortali 26 Mar 1996 07:56 EST

I am interested in institutional policies on cost sharing.  Any information
related to the topic would be greatly appreciated.  I am interested in
receiving faxes of written policies governing cost sharing.  My fax number is
508-856-2119.   In addition, I would be interested in hearing if you have
implemented procedures in your accounting system that involve setting up
separate accounts for cost shared expenses.  Do you only track cost sharing
that is mandated by the sponsor or do you also track voluntary cost sharing?
Typically "voluntary" cost sharing involves listing personnel without any or
full salary support on the grant.  Do you have a policy in place that
restricts the Principal Investigator's ability to engage in voluntary cost

Thanks for your help!

Jill Mortali
Office of Sponsored Programs
University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Worcester, MA
Phone:  508-856-2119
Fax:  508-856-5004