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Re: bi-weekly payroll Charlie Tardivo 26 Mar 1996 09:21 EST

I have fought the bi-weekly payroll where ever I have been, and have been
successful.  Too many annoyances, too many inconveniences.  It is difficult
to work with in the Grant world.  Give me the weekly and monthly payroll


From: Research Administration Discussion Group on Mon, Mar 25, 1996 6:41 PM
Subject: bi-weekly payroll
To: Charlie Tardivo

Wichita State University has recently adopted the bi-weekly payroll system
wherein the academic year is computed on 20 bi-weekly payroll periods and
the summer on 6 bi-weekly periods. In projecting ahead - this makes for
problems in paying faculty summer grant payroll because the academic year
figured on 40 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks. Are there other
universities on bi-weekly payroll and are you having similar problems?

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