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Re: Intramural Competitions and Faculty Titles paula burkhart 22 Mar 1996 19:23 EST

 At the University of Oregon, we have one "entitlement" program, New
 Faculty Award (eligible faculty are assistant professors without
 signficant start up or external grants that enable them to pay
 themselves summer salary), and one competitive program, the Summer
 Research Award (eligible are tenure-track faculty at .50FTE or more,
 Asst. thru Prof. as well as full-time sr. instructors). In addition,
 we occasionally sponsor special initiatives, two of the most recent
 being the Planning Grant Program and the Social Science Seed Grant

 One factor that should have some influence on how wide you fling
 eligibility is the source of funding for your programs.  Ours are
 funded from indirect cost recovery, and we thus restrict eligibility
 to those faculty to whom we have a "permanent" commitment and from
 whom there is a "permanent" commitment to the University.
 Additionally, instructors are hired here with the expectation that
 they will teach; they are not evaluated on the basis of their
 performance as researchers, although many of them have produced some
 very fine research and have competed successfully in national
 competitions for individual fellowships, etc.  The University does,
 though, distinguish between faculty to whom there is a long-term
 commitment and from whom full participation in teaching, research, and
 service is expected and others to whom there is no long-term
 contractual commitment and who are evaluated on the basis of the
 quality of their teaching.

 Paula K. Burkhart, Director
 Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
 University of Oregon
 Eugene, OR 97403-5219
 541/346-5131/FAX 541/346-5138

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Subject: Intramural Competitions and Faculty Titles
Author:  Research Administration Discussion Group
Date:    3/21/96 10:07 PM

We are in the middle of an intramural competition and a controversy
has erupted over who qualifies for the competition.  Two of the
applicants have titles of instructor as opposed to assistant or
associate professor.  They are essentially post docs with access to
lab space.  Some of the faculty here (ie. Asst. & Assoc. Professors)
feel that it is wrong to allow them to compete.  My question to the
group is how many of you have internal competitions and at what level
or title are the applicants allowed to compete.  At issue is not the
caliber of the science, since both the instructor-level applicants
have submitted very strong projects.

We would greatly appreciate hearing some of your ideas for a fair
competition.  Thank you.

Kevin R.Cummings
Director of Research Information and Devel.
Office of Research Administration
New York Medical College
(914) 993-4480