Re: Indirect Cost Rates Lou Pellegrino 22 Mar 1996 08:45 EST

We have both on- and off-campus rates as well as research,
instructional and "other" rates at Purdue.  Our current IDC rates

Our Research rate is 52% on campus, 25% off campus.
Instructional rate is 67% on campus, 39% off campus.
Other Sponsored Programs are 30% on campus and 23% off campus.

Lou Pellegrino, PhD
Office of Sponsored Programs
Purdue Research Foundation

> Are there universities who have established different indirect cost
> rates for different kinds of sponsored projects? For example, we have
> one indirect cost rate for on campus, and one for off campus.
> Do any of you have one rate for "research", and one for
> "educational/curricular/software development" kinds of sponsored
> projects.  The latter would be a lower rate, presumably because the
> work does not use laboratory overhead. Who determines the indirect
> cost category for the proposal?
> Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!
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