SRA Charleston Meeting Ann R. Stevens 19 Mar 1996 11:45 EST

Those of you who are intending to come to the joint SRA NE/Southern
Sections meeting in Charleston, SC, from May 5-8 should contact the
Sheraton (803 723-3000) to make your reservations. The registration
packets should go out by the end of this week, but the hotel cut off
date is April 4, which we are trying to extend. But just in case, it
would be better if you would go ahead and make your reservation. Just
mention name and date of meeting. Be sure and get a confirmation
number. We apologize for lateness of the  mailing of the registration
packets, but as usual Murphy's law is prevailing. Again the room rate
is $89 plus tax; registration without workshops is $185.

The workshops are $50 per half-day; $80 for two and will be on
Sunday, May 5. The meeting adjourns at noon on Wednesday, May 8.

Ann R. Stevens,Ph.D.
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