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At our Institution, if original cost documentation is submitted for travel
reimbursement, no 1099 is issued.  If a payment is made to an individual
with no reimbursement documentation, then a 1099 is issued and they are
responsible for providing the information to the

From: Research Administration Discussion Group on Thu, Mar 14, 1996 9:50 PM
Subject: conferences/1099s
To: Charlie Tardivo

Several of our PIs have grants that involve the conduct of
workshops that involve individuals from around the world with
expertise in the area of study.  The grants include participant
costs to cover the travel expenses of the workshop participants.
At the end of the year, our business office issues 1099s to
particpants reflecting payment to them of these travel expenses.
Numerous particpants complain about this practice.

How does your institution handle this?  Some research administrators
believe 109s should not be issued.


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